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Stained Glass Designs by Susan Fullenbaum

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Susan Fullenbaum, of Stained Glass Designs, creates her handcrafted stained glass art emphasizing Judaic themes. Each of Susanís pieces commemorates joyous life cycle events, illustrates Jewish customs, or is used in Jewish ceremonial life. Stained glass adds dimensions of dynamic beauty, unparalleled in other art media, through the interplay of colored glass with ambient light.

For over 30 years, Susan has created a wide selection of art ranging from attractive boxes and picture frames to large window panels. Her current work focuses on themes taken from Jewish life and her own developing awareness of Jewish tradition. "I receive from my art as much as I put into it, " says Susan. As she concentrates on depicting Jewish themes, her own life is enriched, which in turn, enriches her creations.

Susanís art is represented at art shows and exhibitions nationwide. Her commissioned art pieces are displayed internationally in galleries, synagogues, and private homes. Susan also conducts classes in the art and mechanics of stained glass, trains Judaic educators at national conventions, and advises a steady stream of apprentices. She is a member of Artsites and the American Guild of Judaic Artists.

Recently, Susan has been collaborating with Julie Staller-Pentelnik of Cincinnati. Julie received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Detroitís Center for Creative Studies, College of Art and Design. Her contemporary designs Ė Hebrew calligraphy, ketubah, and torah mantles Ė complement Susanís art. The talents of both artists have produced new sandblasted designs in mezuzahs, seder plates, menorahs and other Judaic ceremonial works.