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Steven Cooper, Metalsmith

One can’t help but smile when looking at the exquisite designs of distinguished metal craftsman, Steven Cooper. His delicate pieces of nature unfold with sparks of whimsy and splashes of color. Steven Cooper has created a world of wonder. Even his residence, a 200 year old barn that now serves as home/studio/museum in New York’s Hudson Valley has been beautifully renovated, reflecting a “Cooper-esque” quality as well.

“To me, the world is an incredible source of design. All you have to do is look out the door and see the shape of trees and flowers, how water flows over rocks. That to me is incredible imagery which is what I try to include in my work whether it be my jewelry, sculptures or my interpretation of Judaica,” says Steven Cooper. Read more about Steven Cooper below.

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Cooper studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and its School for American Craftsman under the tutelage of famed silversmith, Hans Christiansen who offered up this bit of advice, “Never add anything that doesn’t belong.” This guiding principle stayed with Cooper as he continued his education at the Fashion Institute of Technology, learning from some of the industries top designers from Tiffany’s, Harry Winston, as well as other choice freelance designers like Anthony Lent. Three decades later, Cooper is still enamored with nature and the ideals of “clean design” still serve as the cornerstone of his handcrafted works.