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Handpainted Silk Watercolor Tie Dyed Tallit For Women

Praised are you, Lord our God, Sovereign of the Universe, who has sanctified us with
His commandments and commanded us to wrap ourselves in the tzitzit.

Jan Marie Lanier and Nicole Curl are the talented artists behind the Silk Bijoux collection of handmade tallit for women. Every Jewish tallit in their collection is hand painted. Their unique process of creating these magnificent prayer shawls for women promises that no two pieces will be exactly alike. The handmade tallit are made from the finest silks, wools, and French dyes. The Silk Bijoux collection has tie dye tallit sets in shades of blues, scenes of Jerusalem in earthtone shades, and tallit for girls with pink and purple tallit with paintings as varied as torah scrolls, the Four Matriarchs, the Tree of Life, and musical notes with graceful flying doves. The collection includes silk tallit, organza tallit, and vibrant tie dye tallit. The tallit in the collection are very popular as a Bat Mitzvah tallit for their beauty and symbolic meaning.

Beautiful Hand Painted Womenís Silk Tallit by Nicole Curl and Jan Marie Lanier

Each of the womenís silk tallit in our collection begins as white silk. After the design is conceived, the silk is stretched and gutta is used to create the design. Liquid French dyes and watercolor techniques bring our garments to life. After the dyes are set, gold or silver accents are applied by hand. The Atarah is added to the neckband and tzizzits are tied to the four corners of the tallis.

This unique process promises that no two pieces will be exactly alike. Your prayer shawl will be completely unique. Each silk tallit comes complete with a matching kippah, tallit clips, and coordinating tallis bag. Read more about Nicole Curl and Jan Marie Lanier below.

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Nicole Curl and Jan Marie Lanier

Nicole Curl was born in Lyon, France (silk wearing center of Europe) and studies her art at the Ateliers Creatifs. While in Paris, Nicole furthered her pursuit of silk painting in Europe. After traveling throughout the world, Nicole married an American and settled in Southern California. Nicoleís designs have been accepted in the prestigious juried competitions throughout the country.

Jan Marie Lanier was born in Detroit, Michigan and grew up in North Florida. After receiving degrees in marketing and design from Florida State University, Jan soon discovered a love for silk painting. This passion led her to the silk weavers in China and to the silk painters of Paris. Jan has lectured at many art schools across the country and has been recognized as one of the prominent silk painters in the United States.

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