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La Contessa - Nature Inspired Mezuzahs and Hamsas

Mary DeMarco of La Contessa La Contessa was founded by Mary DeMarco and her husband, Buddy Wolfe, in 1986. Inspired by nature and her Italian heritage (la contessa means "the contess" in Italian), Mary designs and handcrafts her line of jewelry, wall hamsas, mezuzahs and other gifts in pewter and colorful Swarovski crystals. The gentle lines of her creations and the wildlife, such as a bird, a bee, or a firefly, that adorns each piece is rooted in her love of antiques, anything vintage, her travels abroad, and the time spent in her garden. The pieces are multi-layered to create a nature-like appearance with a combination of different color crystals to make the piece "pop." Great attention is paid to the smallest detail, with even the clasp of a necklace featuring a pair of hands. Many of Maryís designs are considered collectibles by her customers.

La Contessa is a family owned business with her three children and a cousin helping out.

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