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Keren Peled: Stunning Kabbalah Jewelry From Israel

Keren Or Kaballah Jewelry

Keren Peled, an Israeli native, brings a global perspective on life, and an eclectic sense of design, to her work. Her regional influences include the Middle East, India and Eastern Europe. Recently, Keren began incorporating Hebrew prayers and Kabbalistic elements into her work, and thus was born her Judaica jewelry collection: Keren Or, which literally means "Ray of Light." The Kabbalistic letters and Jewish prayers in her pieces are inscribed into metal using advanced metalsmithing techniques, which is a long and complex process. Her collection features designs in intricate wirework including micro macrame and crocheted knots.

Keren's work is sold in galleries, boutiques and museums worldwide, has gained coverage in countless magazines and worn by celebrities, such as Alicia Keys. Her beautiful studio sits in the Carmel mountains near Haifa and boasts a magnificent view of the Mediterranean sea.

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