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Hanukkah Articles

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  • What is Hanukkah?

    • How to light the menorah
    • The Hanukkah blessings
    • The words to Ma'oz Tzur

  • Hanukkah FAQ's - A brief history of Hanukkah and answers the following questions:

    • Why are there so many different ways to spell Hanukkah?
    • What is the difference between a menorah and a hanukkiah?
    • Why does Hanukkah start on a different day every year?
    • What is a dreidel and how do you play the dreidel game?
    • What is Hanukkah gelt?
    • What are traditional Hanukkah foods?

  • The Story of Hanukkah - An in-depth article on the story of Hanukkah including:

    • The rule of Alexander the Great
    • The reign of Antiochus III,
    • The allure of Greek culture
    • Antiochus IV Epiphanes outlaws Judaism
    • Hannah and her seven sons
    • The Maccabeean revolt
    • Mattathias and his army of Jews
    • The origin of the word, "Maccabee"
    • The Miracle of Light and the celebration of Hanukkah,
    • Photographs of 30 menorahs from around the world.