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Watchcraft by Eduardo Milieris


Watchcraft by Eduardo Milieris: Cool Watches for Men & Women
Unique Watches With Copper, Silver, & Brass

Eduardo MilierisExperience the most beautiful and unique watches you have ever seen! Not only are Eduardo Milierisí watches functional pieces of jewelry, his super cool watches for men and women are incredible works of art.

Eduardo Milierisí Watchcraft collection consists of spectacular one-of-a kind watches, which marry state-of-the-art quartz movement for precise timekeeping with the patina of an artifact dug up by a treasure hunter. Eduardo Milierisí unique watches come in nine different styles with watch faces that are round, hexagonal, square, and rectangular. There are small and large face watches in the collection. The metal watches are embellished in copper, silver, and brass. The metal watch bands are imprinted with beautiful designs such as dials, spirals, perforations, leaves, dots, textures, and concrete engravings. Once you put on Eduardo Milieris watch, youíll know that functional jewelry has been redefined and that you are wearing artwork.

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