Jewish Wedding Rings, Hebrew Wedding Rings in Stunning 14K Gold, Silver, and Red Gold

Jewish wedding rings, a beautiful symbol of attachment, play a key role in the wedding ceremony. In the time of the Talmud, a man would give a woman a coin worth a small amount of money. Although we use a Jewish wedding ring nowadays, the deep messages behind the circularity of the coin have been translated into the giving of a perfectly circular ring with no added diamonds or gems.

A circle, in Jewish thought, represents the idea of encountering the same experience over and over but with a deeper insight. As we come around the circle, each time completing another ‘lap,’ we hope to be able to learn from our previous experiences and show our personal growth when encountering a familiar situation. (Read more about Jewish Wedding Rings below)

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Symbolism of a Jewish Wedding Ring

When a new couple is standing under a chuppah, anticipating life together and all of the joys and challenges it will bring, this is a perfect message to be reminded of. A Jewish wedding ring also symbolizes a chain that unites generations. A perfect way to enhance the elegance of your ring is to engrave a meaningful verse on it, creating a Hebrew wedding ring. These Hebrew wedding rings contain the prayer that the couple will start a family together and thereby add another link to the chain of Jewish History. At the end of the day, the most important message you want to convey, is how deeply you love your partner. These elegant 14K gold mixed with sterling silver Hebrew wedding rings are the perfect symbol of this love and the life long relationship you hope to have together.